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Un-Still Life With Cavaliers: The Un-Cavaliers Part 1, Meet “Rad”

Posted by on Jun 21, 2015 in Blog, General | Comments Off on Un-Still Life With Cavaliers: The Un-Cavaliers Part 1, Meet “Rad”

As we are approaching the first birthday of the first un-Cavalier in the house I think it is time to write something about the new additions.  I have been meaning to write about these critters since the first one came home, but I started tossing a toy for one of them and ten months later I’m still tossing toys and they’re still bringing them back and waiting for me to throw again.  As soon as they stop bringing back the toy and staring at me I can start writing again.  Wait a sec while I throw this thing. For Part 1 of this topic I’m going to interview Mrs. Sanflorian and...

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Un-Still Life With Cavaliers: One Stress, Two Stress, Distress, Eustress

Posted by on Jun 3, 2015 in Blog, General, Training | 1 comment

I ended my last post with a quote from Dr. Seuss, so it seemed fitting that I use a Seuss-like title while hopefully recalling some happy childhood memories (or maybe parenting or grandparenting memories to be realistic about the demographics of me and my audience.)  Today’s topic is stress, and that is because today is another Dog Agility Blog Event!  A number of talented dog trainers, handlers, instructors and writers are all blogging about stress.  And me too!  You can see a list and a link to their blogs here.   Check back later as more will be posted throughout the day.   Before I...

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Un-Still Life With Cavaliers: Reflections on Retirement or What Is An “Elmo?”

Posted by on Jun 1, 2015 in Blog, General | 8 comments

We made May 23, 2015 a very special day for Elmo.  But what is an “Elmo?”  This is not a random question, but a memory lodged in my brain which makes me smile every time it surfaces.  In the early days of Elmo’s agility career our friend Diane went to look at the running order to see when her Sheltie was running in the 12″ class.  Right after Elmo.  “Elmo,” she said, “What’s an ‘Elmo??'” In a court of law we could now easily dismiss that question on the grounds that it has been asked and answered.  Everybody knows what an...

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Un-Still Life With Cavaliers: October Surprises?

Posted by on Oct 3, 2014 in Blog, General | Comments Off on Un-Still Life With Cavaliers: October Surprises?

Political junkies and historians will readily connect the title of this post with U.S. elections and last-minute dirty campaign tricks.  No tricks here, only treats.  See what I did there, with Halloween also being in October?  Summer’s done and there is a lot of stuff happening here in fluffy toy dog land.  The leaves are turning, the firewood is stacked, and the agility equipment is still in the yard but not for much longer.  Impermanence again. I usually hate this time of year, except maybe for Mrs. Sanflorian’s apple pies, as the days get shorter and I have to put my summer...

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Un-Still Life With Cavaliers: Outside The Ring, The Inside Story On Handler Fitness

Posted by on Sep 3, 2014 in Blog, General, Training | 10 comments

Believe it or not it’s time for another Dog Agility Blog Action Day!  Today’s topic is “Outside The Ring” and dog agility bloggers all over the world will be posting about what types of non-agility things they do to keep their dogs and themselves ready for agility.  You can read all the blogs here.   Please spend some time checking them out. I was thinking about not participating in today’s event.  I’m sure a lot of writers will talk about everything they do with their dogs in between agility trials to keep them strong and healthy:  swimming, running,...

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