Un-Still Life With Cavaliers: One Stress, Two Stress, Distress, Eustress

Posted by on Jun 3, 2015 in Blog, General, Training | 1 comment

I ended my last post with a quote from Dr. Seuss, so it seemed fitting that I use a Seuss-like title while hopefully recalling some happy childhood memories (or maybe parenting or grandparenting memories to be realistic about the demographics of me and my audience.)  Today’s topic is stress, and that is because today is another Dog Agility Blog Event!  A number of talented dog trainers, handlers, instructors and writers are all blogging about stress.  And me too!  You can see a list and a link to their blogs here.   Check back later as more will be posted throughout the day.   Before I...

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Un-Still Life With Cavaliers: Outside The Ring, The Inside Story On Handler Fitness

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Believe it or not it’s time for another Dog Agility Blog Action Day!  Today’s topic is “Outside The Ring” and dog agility bloggers all over the world will be posting about what types of non-agility things they do to keep their dogs and themselves ready for agility.  You can read all the blogs here.   Please spend some time checking them out. I was thinking about not participating in today’s event.  I’m sure a lot of writers will talk about everything they do with their dogs in between agility trials to keep them strong and healthy:  swimming, running,...

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Un-Still Life With Cavaliers: On Starting Puppies and Sports Metaphors

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Un-Still Life With Cavaliers:  On Starting Puppies and Sports Metaphors

Welcome to another Dog Agility Bloggers Event!  Today’s topic is “Starting Your Puppy.”  If you want real advice on training your new agility puppy, click HERE to check out all the Starting Your Puppy blogs.  These special days, where dog agility bloggers write on a single subject, are a great way to get lots of perspectives and information on a topic.  They also have the effect of reining me in, which is a horse racing metaphor meaning “curtailing someone’s freedom or their wild and unpredictable behavior.” When I first received the assignment for today I...

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Un-Still Life With Cavaliers: Unknown Unknowns and Shaking Foundations

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Welcome back to Un-Still Life With Cavaliers.  I’m going to wrap up 2013 with a post that is a little more serious than my normal fare, no toilet stalls, poop bags or pink hair.  As I look back on our incredible journey through dog agility with Cavaliers, and we close out another year, I can’t help thinking about what lies ahead.  I’m usually not a deep thinker, I prefer to act on instinct and use my physical abilities rather than my brain, but as you can guess that doesn’t always work out perfectly.  When I do think it can get dangerous, so you might want to don a...

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Un-Still Life With Cavaliers: What Lies Within Us (The Mental Game)

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The title quote, from Ralph Waldo Emerson, is “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”  Welcome to another Dog Agility Blog Event.  The topic this time is “The Mental Game.”  Some of you may find it a little ironic that I am writing about this.  Kind of like me writing about human hair care products.  Perhaps a better mental game quote for me would be “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” You can find a link to all of today’s mental game blogs here, and I highly recommend checking out these...

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