Aubinwood Madison at Sanflorian

When we were searching for our first brood bitch, Joan offered us the choice between two of her young adult girls. Each had a lot to offer and we weren’t sure how we would choose. Madison settled the issue by firmly attaching herself to Lisa’s side whenever we visited Joan’s. She was Lisa’s dog from that point on.

It turned out to be a truly fortuitous choice. Madi proved herself to be the consummate brood bitch. An easy whelper, her pups were always well fed and immaculately clean. And she saw it as her responsibility to play with not only her own puppies but those of all the other girls as well – teaching soft mouths and wonderful dog manners. Heart clear until she was 9 with good hips, normal knees, and normal eyes, she was also to be a healthy foundation for Sanflorian Cavaliers.

For all of this, we will forever be grateful to Joan and to whatever forces led Madi to choose us.

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CH Ravenrush Innuendo x Bramble Clementine

9/26/2000 – 6/25.2014