Aubinwood Christopher Robin at Sanflorian

Robin was bred by Joan Gibson and came to us as a puppy. Little did we know how different he would be from other Cavaliers! At first we thought it was just him (“Does this dog EVER sleep?”), but soon we learned that rubies can be a bit more “energetic” than the other colors. He kept us on our toes through his puppyhood and grew into a happy and loving adult – displaying the “fearless and sporting, yet…gentle and affectionate” temperament described in our standard. We are particularly grateful that he spent what turned out to be his last months living as a spoiled only dog with our daughter and her boyfriend, both of whom he completely adored.

His legacy is the wonderful temperament he has passed on to his children.

Robin 4 mo

Robin with babies 2


Sophie and Robin3

Robin sleeping 201102

CH Heavensgate Quincy at Aubinwood x Aubinwood India

2/24/2003 – 8/13/2011