Sanflorian Bon Voyage, AX, AXJ, OF, AAD, JCH, SCH, TM-Bronze

Affectionately known as “Little Red”, Bonnie is yet another girl who loves life.  As a puppy she was always wrestling, running, or playing tug with one of her siblings; or else under, on, or in something. She’s the first climber we’ve had, earning another early nickname of “Spider Dog”.  Her view seems to be that if  it is in front of her it’s meant to be climbed.  This has come in handy in agility training, but presents some challenges in daily life…..including the need for a cap over the 4 foot dog-yard fence!

One of the greatest things about sharing our lives with dogs are the lessons we learn. Bonnie had a lesson to teach me about the real meaning of teamwork.  Her early success woke up my competitive spirit and I quickly wanted more titles, better runs, and faster times. The minute I forgot that agility is a game we play together things fell apart. Fortunately this is not an uncommon lesson that novice handlers need to learn and I had good coaching. So it’s been a roller-coaster ride, but we are back on track. Now every run is about being there for Bonnie, being clear in what I ask her to do, and letting her know that I appreciate every effort she makes. Running with this girl is truly a joy and she is a gift.




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Aubinwood Christopher Robin at Sanflorian x Grandville Mexicali Blues of Ballymena