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Cruiser embodies the stereotype of male dogs who are simply devoted to their people. There is nowhere this boy would rather be than in the arms of one of “his” people. He is happy playing with his siblings, but truly lights up when people walk in. He wasn’t meant to stay, but somehow wormed his way into our hearts.

Cruiser is the third dog John has trained and competed with in agility.  He loves training and is extremely fast, especially when chasing butterflies or wind-blown leaves.  Cruiser has been a little tentative in competition, not always showing his true talent.  All of our dogs teach us lessons, and Cruiser’s job is to teach John patience and a little humility.

In August 2014 John decided to retire Cruiser from competitive agility.  While showing moments of brilliance, Cruiser was often worried in the ring and reluctant to run.  It became clear that he enjoyed training but did not like the atmosphere of agility competitions, so he will be a much loved lap dog .

Cruiser enjoys chasing reflections, hanging out on the back of the couch, and producing whole-color puppies.





Aubinwood Christopher Robin at Sanflorian x Grandville Mexicali Blues of Ballymena