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As our first black and tan puppy, Eve will always have a special place. This girl loves life. Always ready for anything and eager to please, she can also be quiet and snuggly. She is named for the fact that she was whelped by her dam,  alone in a crate without a sound and presented to us cleaned and squirming around as we went to pick up the dishes from the evening meal. She easily took to training and eagerly throws herself into every training session.

Her competitive debut was a whirlwind. Her love for training carried over into competition and she has shown herself to be truly remarkable.  Eve is loved by agility competitors and judges.  She enjoys running relay events with Border Collies, and frequently wins the “big dog” class when paired with one.  In June 2013 Eve, Bonnie, and a Border Collie named Tag won first place in a team tournament event.  In 2011, 2012, and 2013, Eve made the USDAA’s Top Ten list for all dogs competing at the Championship 12″ jump height.  In 2013 she was the #1 dog in the country of all breeds at the 12″ jump height in Standard, Gamblers, and Snooker.

When Eve is not doing agility, she enjoys smacking her brothers and sisters in the head with her front paws, NOT coming when called, and making nests in blankets on the couch.




table sticking out tongue

Eve jump Cropped

Aubinwood Christopher Robin at Sanflorian x Grandville Mexicali Blues of Ballymena