Sanflorian Get a Good Feeling

As our passion for dog agility continued to grow, John started thinking about keeping another puppy for agility.  In the spring of 2013 Cruiser turned five.  Eve and Elmo were due to turn six and nine in the fall.  We had the opportunity to breed Ellie, Elmo’s daughter, to Gib, thus combining the lines of two of our favorite and most successful agility dogs.

Ellie had a litter of four on the night of July 30.  The first three were girls.  The last was a beautiful blenheim boy, marked very much like his grandfather Elmo, whom we describe as “mostly white.”


Mojo is off to a great start.  At three months old, he went to the United States Dog Agility Association Cynosport World Games.  He watched his father and grandfather compete successfully, and met many new friends.  He also went to visit friends at Clean Run, the center of the universe for dog agility related products.


Mojo will spend the winter learning foundation agility skills and going to agility trials to watch and socialize.


CH Piccadil’s Brave Heart x Sanflorian Daddy’s Girl