Sanflorian Out of Control

Until now we have been somewhat careful in the naming of our dogs.  They have a way of living up to their names, and sometimes the results can be problematic.  We threw caution to the wind with this little girl.  Not only is she from a litter of whole colors (we have found them to be the lovable little troublemakers) but Lisa wants her little “Rogue,” from Sanflorian Cruise Control (“Cruiser”) to be Out of Control!

A bunch of clean slates?RoguePenIntroducing Rogue


In this case we are hoping that she lives up to her name.  Lisa is training this energetic little pup for agility, and wants a crazy dog who is always ready to run, climb and jump.  So far she is living up to her name.  Her trademark look as a six-month old is to have one or both of her ears flipped inside out all the time.





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