Un-Still Life With Cavaliers: On The ‘Mo-Mobile

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Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  Is it the trademarked logo of the largest beer distributor in the world?  Sometimes it looks like all of these things, especially if you’re half a mile behind us on an interstate highway.  It’s actually an eight-foot tall jumping Cavalier, more specifically Elmo, who adorns the roll-up door on the back of our RV.  Hence the RV (and all engine-driven entities should have a nickname) is known as The ‘Mo-Mobile.  Elmo has many more nicknames, but we’ll do another post about that.


The 'Mo Mobile

The ‘Mo Mobile

NOT The 'Mo Mobile

NOT The ‘Mo Mobile










Technically, it’s a “Fun Mover,” but that’s a generic name and I’m not sure the Cavaliers are having all that much fun while being moved.  They also call them “Toy Haulers” which is a little more applicable if you know that Cavaliers are considered toy dogs.   If you don’t know what a fun mover is, it’s half RV, half mobile garage.  They are meant for transporting dirt bikes, ATV’s , or anything else that runs fast and requires a lot of maintenance.  Hey, that sounds perfect for transporting Cavaliers.  Or me.  Living space for people in the front, lots of room for dogs and their stuff in the rear.  Okay, sometimes a motorcycle in the rear too, but not for the dogs.  They don’t have licenses to drive motorcycles, their furry little feet have trouble with the clutch.  I only let them drive gasoline tankers and school buses.

Lisa was responsible for hunting down and capturing the ‘Mo Mobile.  She also set it up.  It has a wall of crates, drawers, and cabinets, all nice and secure.  It has lots of tie-downs for ex pens, mats, chairs, tables, fans, shade cloths and whatever else we can stuff in there.  Sometimes we pick up agility equipment at trials for our friends.  When we have puppies traveling with us we set up a nice puppy pen on the floor in front of the crates.  Sometimes they can see the ring and watch me send one of their relatives over the wrong jump

Each year we wait patiently for spring so we can head out in the ‘Mo Mobile.  Here is a picture of spring in Vermont:


I thought this post would be a good one to discuss essential dog agility trial gear and running indoors vs. outdoors.  But those are both robust topics of their own, and deserve individual posts in the future.  Actually, I can do a short piece on essential trial gear and then a real one later.  Essential trial gear is, by definition, anything you forgot to bring to a trial in the past.  That includes dog food, dog bowls, medication (human and dog,) sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, enough clothes, proof of your dogs’ height, shoes, rain gear, and a hammer.  Hammers are very handy for staking things down in the wind or hitting yourself in the head after you send your dog over the wrong jump.

Another essential piece of gear is coffee.  I like traveling in the ‘Mo Mobile because we have a coffee maker.  The microwave, fridge, air conditioning, shower, and LP gas hookup for the grill are all nice, but we have coffee!  If you come visit me sometime I’ll make you a cup.  Or lend you my hammer.

I can’t write this without showing you the stairs.  Everyone loves the stairs.  Pamplona has the “Running of the Bulls.”  We have the stairs.  Some people underestimate the raw power of a pack of Cavaliers running down the stairs and insist on making circus music noises while the stairs are in use, but they do so at their own peril.

"The Running of The Stairs"

“The Running of The Stairs”

I have to end this post with a special piece of video.  In a recent post I mentioned that it was funny when people fell while doing agility.  (Note: if you are from the future and you are traveling backwards in time, you haven’t read that one yet.)  You will never guess what happened to me yesterday during a Standard run with Cruiser.  I must be psychic.  I don’t have time to do any fancy video production with captions or music, so please feel free to sing your favorite song about falling in and out of love as you watch.    Falling In Love With Cruiser

I’ll be packing for the USDAA New England Regional Championships.  Got plenty of coffee, might stop at the hardware store to pick up a spare hammer.  Or two.




  1. It’s nice that you guys bring all those essentials. My essential trial gear is “Trial with the Marcuses; if you need it, they have it. Plus Lisa will know how to use it.”

    • Ok, now that’s funny, you can write the blog for me next time I have a head injury. Glad we can be of service. “We” meaning “Lisa,” of course.

  2. Haha Betsy Nye. That goes with my comment…technically the hammer is mine and John really isn’t allowed to use it…..

    • Whew! I was worried for a minute that you might actually let John play with a hammer!

      • John actually prefers power tools.

  3. Saw the Mo-Mobile this weekend! Fabulous run with all the pups too! It is quite the set up :)

    • Thanks Lori, nice to see you at trials again!

  4. Congrats, John, you have developed ‘the sliding dogwalk’. Kind of like when handlers lay down on the ground to convince their dogs its ok to down on the table. When’s the DVD coming out? I’m not sure I could be that graceful without instruction.

    • Reports that seismic activity was detected in Albany, NY at that exact moment are untrue.

  5. bookmarked!!, I love your site!|


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