Un-Still Life With Cavaliers: NAC NAC, Who’s There?

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Wind, rain, wind, snow, wind, ice, wind.  And an indoor agility trial.  Mrs. Sanflorian and I went to the American Kennel Club National Agility Championship (AKC NAC) and lived to tell about it.  At least I’m ready to tell about it now.  The adrenaline in the ring was nothing compared to the travel.

Flash back to sometime early 2013, when we realized that the NAC was going to be held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in late March 2014.  Harrisburg?  That’s like 9 hours away, that is practically in our back yard, we could almost walk there.  So we set off on our quest to qualify a couple of dogs, needing some qualifying scores, some double q’s (the holy grail of AKC agility, where you and your dog have two faultless runs on the same day) and a bunch of speed points.  We qualified Gib and Eve, and accidentally earned Eve’s MACH2 (Master Agility Champion) along the way.

Ribbon Wars!

Ribbon Wars! Ours is Bigger!

Late March seemed like a perfectly reasonable time of year to drive south in the ‘Mo Mobile, spend a few days camping, and return to prepare for the outdoor trial season in New England.  Or so we thought.  Three days before departure I shoveled the three feet of snow that surrounded the ‘Mo Mobile.  Then I got up on the roof and shoveled the two feet of snow and ice off the roof.  This is an old picture from mid-winter, but same idea:

WinterRVWednesday morning we departed in the frigid pre-dawn darkness, with the wind howling like a pissed-off coyote.  And we headed south, with the wind really wanting us to go east and west.  Dawn broke brightly, or was that my white knuckles on the steering wheel?  We arrived safely in Harrisburg in the early afternoon, spent 15 minutes setting up our dog pen, and the wind took 7 seconds to completely destroy it.  And so it was.

The agility was fantastic.  The courses were fun, challenging, the dirt surface was perfect for dog paws.  The crowds were great!  And when the dust settled (quite literally) Eve had four clean fast runs and finished 39th out of 276 12″ dogs.  She was not in the top 7% so we did not make the finals, but she was awesome.  Mrs. Sanflorian and Gib had some amazing runs too, with only a small error in their final run.NACWalking

We met lots of Cavaliers.  We do a lot of USDAA agility, where Cavaliers are pretty rare.  There were 27 Cavaliers entered in the AKC NAC.  And here they are:


Photo by Robin Ohrt

And I need to give props to Kari Selinger and Trinket, who did not make the photo, but did make the Finals for 8″ dogs and finished 6th!

Trinket, Not Eve

MACH10 Trinket, Not Eve

You can see Eve’s four runs here:  Eve at the NAC.  And Gib’s here:  Gib at the NAC.

We did get our dog pen re-constructed.  And then it blew down again in a pre-dawn rain and windstorm Sunday.  We headed home under threat of snow, ice, and of course wind.  We saw lots of upside down cars.  We sat still on an interstate highway for a while.  We almost got taken out by a minivan changing lanes in a snowstorm.  We made it home a couple of hours before I had to go back to work.  And I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.

Photo by Kelly in the Yellow Penske

Photo by Kelly in the Yellow Penske

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  1. Well said! It was great to meet everyone and I would not change a minute of it. I’m glad that everyone made it safely home. Cavaliers rocked the AKC Nationals!

    • Thanks Laura, you guys are awesome and it was fun to see everyone!
      -John and Lisa