Un-Still Life With Cavaliers: The Un-Cavaliers Part 1, Meet “Rad”

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As we are approaching the first birthday of the first un-Cavalier in the house I think it is time to write something about the new additions.  I have been meaning to write about these critters since the first one came home, but I started tossing a toy for one of them and ten months later I’m still tossing toys and they’re still bringing them back and waiting for me to throw again.  As soon as they stop bringing back the toy and staring at me I can start writing again.  Wait a sec while I throw this thing.

One of these things is not like the others.  Kind of...

One of these things is not like the others. Kind of…

For Part 1 of this topic I’m going to interview Mrs. Sanflorian and record her responses here, verbatim.  Unless I think of something funny, then I’ll just make stuff up and attribute it to her.  She started this whole un-Cavalier thing so she gets to go first.  In Part 2 I’ll interview myself which should be an interesting study in mental illness.

ME (me):  So for the record your dog Rad is in fact an almost one year old male Border Collie, not a Cavalier.  How would you describe his physical appearance?

MS (Mrs. Sanflorian):  Stunning!  Handsome.  Gorgeous.  Beautiful.

"It's a baby!"

“It’s a baby!”

ME:   I meant what about his color and his markings?

MS:   He’s a split-faced blue merle who fools everyone because he’s almost all black and white.RadSit

ME:  And he has a blue spot on his butt.  That’s not a question.  So I’m sure all the Cavalier fans out there want to know, why a Border Collie?

MS:  I wanted an athletic dog who wanted to play the game of agility as much as I do.  A Border Collie seemed like the best way to get that.  When our friend Judy Reilly gave me the opportunity to run her dog Sony, Sony showed me that’s exactly what I wanted.  Val Duff sending me into the ring with her boy Play is what sent me looking for this particular Border Collie.

Rad at work

Rad at work

ME:  Is Rad meeting your expectations?

MS:  Yes.

ME:  Tell me about the first year.

MS:  It’s been exhausting and challenging and fun and challenging and joyful and exhausting.  And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

ME:  You have raised and trained Cavaliers since the beginning of the millennium.  How is Rad different from the Cavaliers?

MS:  He came with toy drive which gives us a lot more options for training.  He is far more aware of every part of his body and how to use it.RadPretzel

ME:  What are Cavaliers better at?

MS:  The Cavaliers come with food drive and a hard-wired desire to be where I am, doing whatever I’m doing.

ME:  What challenges have you faced with Rad?

MS:  Learning to work with a powerful, physically capable dog with a very soft personality.

ME:  What do appreciate most about your husband?  His looks, brains, or awesome personality?

MS:  I appreciate the fact that most people don’t know what an ass he is.RadRing

ME:  What is Rad’s full name, and what is the significance of his name.

MS:  His name is Ignited Radical Departure because, well, he is.

ME:  For a while, people have been suggesting that you get a real agility dog.  Did that used to bother you and how do you feel about it now?

MS:  It did bother me at first, because I think we’ve demonstrated that Cavaliers can be “real agility dogs,” but now I realize it was intended as a compliment from people who wanted me to have the experience of running and training a fast powerful smart dog who loves the game.


In Part 2 we will talk about Rad’s younger brother Jake.  I’ll write it as soon as he gets tired of bringing me this toy.  As always your comments are encouraged.  They are moderated by me and commenting is closed seven days after publication or else the material will get stale and start to grow Dictyostelium discoideum.