More About Us

With Joan’s support and guidance we started learning about Cavaliers and breeding dogs. We went to shows and sat ringside with experienced breeders who could explain to us how certain dogs in the ring met or did not meet the breed standard. We read everything we could get our hands on about Cavaliers and breeding dogs. We started showing some of Joan’s dogs and gradually moved onto showing our own. And we spent countless hours observing and helping with whelpings at Joan’s. We continue to rely on and appreciate Joan’s guidance even as we have established our breeding program.

We have always admired canine athletes and the people who participate in performance events with their dogs. Lisa and Lil dabbled in obedience training ever since Lil’s arrival. A push from a friend got them into the Rally ring in 2007 where they have earned their Rally Novice title. Circumstances led us to try a canine agility class at our local training center and another passion was born! John and Elmo made their competition debut in 2008. We are hooked on this sport – Lexi followed her big brother’s footsteps in 2009, but retired about a year later when it became very clear that she hated the competition atmosphere.  Eve, Bonnie, Gib, Cruiser, and Rogue are all competing or have competed and more than anything we enjoy the unique lessons they all have to teach us.

We are positively nuts about our dogs. We hope you will enjoy reading about them here.